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Limits of Confidentiality
255 W. Central, Suite 201, Brea, CA 92821


As a mental health professional I am by law identified as a mandated reporter; therefore, confidentiality must be breached according to the law if there is a reasonable basis for me to suspect child, dependent or elder abuse or neglect, in which case a report would be filed with the appropriate social service agency: child or elder protective services, and/or the police.  If I have reasonable basis to believe that a client is gravely disabled and unable to provide for his/her own basic needs, then I may breach confidentiality to engage those who could provide assistance and safety.  If a client reports directly to me a physical threat to the person or property of an identifiable person I am required by law to notify the police and the intended victim, and may contact others whom may be helpful in securing the intended victim's safety.  I may also breach confidentiality by contacting and engaging the efforts of those individuals who might help to secure the safety of an individual who is a threat to him/herself.

Confidentiality of E-Mail communication: It is very important to be aware that e-mail and cell phone communication can be relatively easily accessed by unauthorized people and hence can compromise the privacy and confidentiality of such communication.  E-mails, in particular are vulnerable to such unauthorized access due to the fact that servers have unlimited and direct access to all e-mails that go through them.  Faxes can easily be sent erroneously to the wrong address.  Please notify me if you decide to avoid or limit in any way the use of any or all of the above mentioned communication devises. 

Consultation: I consult regularly with other professionals regarding my clients; however, clients' names and other identifying information remain completely confidential.