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DIVORCE EDUCATION (for parents and children)

I utilize the following well developed divorce education programs described below in the order mentioned, and as needed:

  • "Up to Parents" on-line (free) program is recommended to all parents to complete and bring to their initial session, which may aid in accelerating their progress
  • "Children in the Middle" (DVD and workbook) is utilized in session as clinically indicated(approximately three sessions to complete for motivated parents who complete assignments at home as assigned), and for parents interested in, or court ordered to, a divorce education program
  • Divorce education for the child utilizes the "Children in the Middle" child's program. Chapter titles include: "Getting out of the Middle : Using 'I' Messages," "How Divorce Makes You Feel," "Changing Your Thoughts and Activities," and "Getting on with Your Life"
  • "Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: 'Shielding Your Child From Conflict,' A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting" is the co-parenting program I utilize for on-going work when parents need assistance beyond the more brief programs above (used for Co-parent Counseling and Education)
  • Parallel parenting strategies are facilitated if parents are as yet unable to tolerate the more active communication of co-parenting, e.g. instead participating in individual sessions and utilizing coached emailing, cc'd to the therapist for review and editing, and "Family Wizard" tools, and learning strategies for how to protect their child by keeping him/her our of the middle of parental conflict.


Developed by an organization working with numerous jurisdictions committed to a cooperative, verses adversarial, system of family law, this website ( is a free, confidential, educational and interactive program for divorced/divorcing and never married parents experiencing conflict. Completion of this program is a tremendous benefit for parents motivated to work toward positive resolution of the conflict between him/herself and the child's other parent, and its completion is highly recommended prior to or at the beginning of all divorce services for parents. Parents who choose to complete this program and bring their on-line responses to session to review and discuss will help to accelerate their progress.


Developed by "Center for Divorce Education" in Athens, Ohio (, "Children in the Middle" was rated with the coveted designation of "Model Program" by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( It is endorsed nationally by judges, lawyers, mediators, psychologists, and teachers.

The two programs, one for children and the other for parents, utilize a DVD, booklet and discussion to address the most common situations in which children are put in the middle of parental conflict. It facilitates awareness and teaches skill building strategies to best cope with these situations. Chapter titles for the children's program include: "Getting out of the Middle: Using 'I' Messages," "How Divorce Makes You Feel," "Changing Your Thoughts and Activities," and "Getting on with Your Life." Examples of chapter titles for the parent program include: "Carrying Messages to the Other Parent," "Put Downs of the Other Parent," "Money Issues," "Quizzing About the Other Parent."

COOPERATIVE PARENTING and DIVORCE, Shielding Your Child from Conflict: A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting

This co-parenting program is from the Cooperative Parenting Institute (, developed by its co-founders, Susan Blyth Boyan, M.Ed., LMFT, and Ann Marie Termini, M.S., LPC. It focuses parents on eight steps to a healthier co-parenting relationship in efforts to minimize the damage of parental conflict and create a happier, healthier life for their child(ren).

Divorce education utilizing the above programs is provided alone, or as integrated into treatment as appropriate. If families have already completed a divorce education program, they will likely be used as review as needed. All children in the family can attend these sessions together, while parents will attend the parent program together or individually. Parents may want to consider the cost savings of attending together, if possible or appropriate. Whether it takes only three sessions or more depends upon the parents' motivation to work through the workbook outside of session. If these sessions can be offered in group with other parents or children with whom I am currently working, I will offer this group option if all parties agree, which could cut down on the cost of this portion of treatment.

Parents who have lower conflict and are able to utilize such programs as the on-line "Up to Parents" program and/or the "Cooperative Parenting and Divorce" workbook parenting guide to work through their anger and grief, in efforts to help minimize the damage of parental conflict to their children, may not need co-parenting counseling, yet may still benefit from individual therapy to help support their efforts.

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