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Dear Parent and Family Law Attorney,

You will find my name listed on the court approved Superior Court of Orange County Child Custody Evaluator List. This listing may be accessed by visiting the court's website at I value working in a collaborative manner with the parties' attorneys to meet our clients' needs. I strive for transparency with my process and procedures, and to make the work I produce meaningful to the courts and to the families I serve. I will use a balanced approach in terms of time spent with each party, investigating the issues and concerns of each party, as well as managing my own perceptions, reactions and biases. I will report when and why I deviate from my usual protocol if I find it necessary to do so.

It is important to me that I provide clients with an understanding of my policies and procedures (1) by being clear about what it is that I have been ordered by the court to investigate, and (2) by then remaining focused within this scope during my investigation. If additional issues of concern arise during the course of the evaluation, I will collaborate in conference with both parties' attorneys (and minors counsel if one has been appointed), or the parties themselves if they are in pro per, to work toward agreement on how to proceed. If agreement is not reached I will then look to the court for direction.

Please contact me with any questions you have about my services. I would be happy to answer any practice, policy or procedure questions you may have, and I would be honored to accept your referral for providing child custody evaluation services to your clients.

Warm regards,

Laura Lindholm-Cardinale, M.A., LMFT

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