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255 W. Central, Suite 201, Brea, CA 92821

Orange County Marriage and Family Therapist

Located in Old Town Tustin and Providing Services to Orange, Los Angeles,
San Bernardino and Riverside Counties

I want first to acknowledge the pain and difficulty you (or your client, if you are a referring attorney or mental health professional) must be going through if you are divorcing or suffering ongoing conflict with your child's other parent. Seeking therapy, or being court ordered to do so, at what for many is the most trying time in their lives requires both courage and strength, and I truly understand how anxiety producing it can be to trust your family with a stranger, particularly during the process of a divorce or custody dispute. I want you to know that it is my most sincere desire to provide for you and your family a safe, respectful and compassionate relationship within which to approach sensitive issues, explore possibilities, to find new solutions, and to heal.

It is my mission to work to keep a family a family, even with divorce as part of the history of that family, by helping parents and their children grieve what is no more, to then find new possibilities, renewed hope, and finally transformation. Sometimes the journey is long, but with commitment to preserving the happiness and wellbeing of one's child, every parent knows, when all is said and done, it is a journey worth taking.

It is my commitment to you that I will listen carefully to understand the feelings and perspectives of yourself and each member of your family, and in an unbiased manner, in efforts to promote the best relationship possible for your child with both parents. As your family therapist I will also work collaboratively with you and your family, as well as with the attorneys and other mental health professionals working in the best interests of your child, with the goal of providing coordinated, informed and competent treatment services.

I developed this website with a detailed description of my approach to the services I provide, and with all of the agreements and consents, and the stipulations and orders that I utilize available so that they can be readily reviewed and accessed/printed. It is my goal to be as transparent as possible so that you can be as informed as possible and have ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have of me, and to consult with your attorney and/or others prior to choosing my services.

I am an experienced and effective psychotherapist with 25 years experience working with children and families, primarily related to attachment, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, including chemical dependency. Over the past 10 years I have developed an expertise in Reunification Therapy and Family Systems Therapy with families experiencing divorce and custody conflict. Whether working with an individual or the entire family, my approach is holistic and collaborative, facilitative, and strength-based with an emphasis on personal empowerment and responsibility. I also have a strong background in marital therapy and have worked with many couples to save their marriages when they believed there was no hope. If you and your spouse continue to hold some hope of saving your marriage, I will work together with the two of you to fulfill this goal if this is your wish.

Please note that if you are divorced (or never married) and both you and your child's other parent share legal custody of your child, you must both consent to psychotherapy services for your child unless your court order specifically indicates otherwise. If you do not both consent then a court order is required in order for your child to participate in therapy.

Please contact me to discuss how I may help you and your family, or your client if you are an attorney or mental health professional. It would be my honor to assist you.